Potion Permit Recipe Draconic Temper

By | September 29, 2022

Hi readers, Trying to find Potion Permit Recipe Draconic Temper? You have arrived at the best stop! On this site, we supply you the Potion Permit solutions. The people of Moonbury oftenly ill and need treatments, and you’re the top chemist in town! In this open-ended sim RPG, you’ll need to identify symptoms, gather materials, create potions, and treat illnesses with your trusted instruments, a brewing cauldron, and a loyal fluffy canine companion by your side.

Potion Permit Potion Recipe List

Don’t forget to upgrade your Cauldron whenever it is possible (upgrading will be available when you enter a new area). Here are the guide for Potion Permit Puzzle: Draconic Temper.

Potion Permit Recipe Draconic Temper

Potion Permit Info

The protagonist of Potion Permit is a young scientist who has been given a job in the small town of Moonbury. Even the local witch doctor is powerless to heal the illness that the mayor’s daughter suffers. The mayor pleaded for assistance to the Chemist’s Guild out of despair. However, the town has a horrible reputation with chemists, as the player will soon discover. Therefore, it is the player’s responsibility to save the mayor’s daughter and mend the town of Moonbury’s connection with the Chemist’s Guild.

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