Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to get Catching Charm

By | November 19, 2019

In this post, we will have a guide about How to obtain a Catching Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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The Catching charm is an item in Pokemon Sword and Shield that increases your chance of getting a critical capture, basically having the catching charm will significantly increase your chances of catching a pokemon!

Step by step guide for Getting a Catching Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield

First, you need to go visit this place – Circhester:


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Once you are in Circhester then you take a walk to the right side, to the hotel building at the left part of the fountain.


After you have entered the hotel, then take the elevator (left side of the counter), and once you’re on the second floor of the hotel, you will need to go to the leftmost room.

Inside the room, you will see this Doctor character in the back of the room:


Talk to the doctor, he will introduce himself as the director, and after a small talk, he will give you the Catch Charm!


Good Job! Now go on your Pokemon adventure and have fun playing the game!

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