Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to get Oval Charm

By | November 19, 2019

Follow this post for a guide about How to obtain an Oval Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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The Oval charm is an item in Pokemon Sword and Shield that increases your chance of getting an egg when you leave your pokemon at the daycare. So if you like to breed lots of Pokemon, you will absolutely need to have this item!

Step by step guide for Getting an Oval Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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First, you need to have beaten the champion and winning the game – having the credit rolling until the end.

pokemon sword shield the end after credit roll

When you have fulfilled the requirement, then to obtain the Oval Charm, you need to go visit this place – Circhester:


Once you are in Circhester then you take a walk to the right side, to the hotel building at the left part of the fountain.


After you have entered the hotel, then take the elevator (left side of the counter), and once you’re on the second floor of the hotel, you will need to go to left side and go to the first door that you encounter.

Inside this room, you will see a policeman with a happy face:

pokemon sword shield happy face policeman

Talk to the happy policeman, he will challenge you for a match, accept it and you will see his name – Game Freak Morimoto.. haha!


You will get the Oval charm when you have defeated him in the match.. the problem is, he has quite a strong team.



Good Luck! Once you have the Oval Charm, you can start breeding more Pokemon!

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