How To Get Side Quest Rescuing Rococo Hogwarts Legacy Guide

By | February 12, 2023

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How To Get Side Quest Rescuing Rococo Hogwarts Legacy Guide

How To Get Side Quest Rescuing Rococo Hogwarts Legacy Guide

How to unlock “Rescuing Rococo” Side Quest Hogwarts Legacy:

Complete The Elf, the nab-sack and the loom main quest.

How to complete “Rescuing Rococo” Side Quest Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Talk to Agnes Coffey in Bainburgh
  • Go to Henrietta’s Hideaway located at southern corner of Manor Cape
  • Find the statue located at the northern side of Henrietta’s Hideaway
  • When you reach the statue cast Incendio
  • A block will be revealed and cast Accio to move it to pedestal in the east
  • Cast Incendio to light up the block that you move
  • Cast Glacius to freeze the block next to it
  • You will see a door opened, head inside defeat the Ashwinders
  • Head northeast, ascend the stairway
  • To reach a larger room with even more Ashwinders, go through the second floor’s south entrance.
  • Head to the wall beneath the south staircase once you’ve defeated the Ashwinders if you go near it, it will vanish.
  • The barrels by the stairway in the room must be destroyed to reveal a block. Bring the block back outside and place it on the pedestal to the right, facing the north-facing wall, using Wingardium Leviosa.
  • Cast Accio on the block on the north-facing balcony on the other side of the room after ascending the stairs to the south.
  • Bring it to the pedestal on the left side facing the north wall using Wingardium Leviosa.
  • Cast Incendio to the block next to it to reveal a new path
  • After following the path, cast Revelio to reveal Rocco the Niffler and use nab-sack to resue Rocco
  • Head back to Agnes to complete the side quest

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