How To Get All Three Unforgivable Curses Hogwarts Legacy Guide

By | February 8, 2023

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How To Get All Three Unforgivable Curses Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy

The Hogwarts Legacy Guide – How To Get Unforgivable Curses Spell

In order to get all the Unforgivable Curses you need to complete all the task from Sebastian Sallow. Here is how to mastered All Three Unforgivable Curses:

How To Learn Crucio Unforgivable Curse Spell

When you are at level 16 and trying to complete the quest with the title “In The Shadows Of The Study”, you will enter the Slytherin’s Scriptorium and finding a door that requires the Unforgivable Curse spell, have a chat with Sebastian and choose the “Perform the curse by yourself”. After that you will learn the Unforgivable Curse Crucio.

How To Learn Imperio Unforgivable Curse Spell

You can get the Imperio Spell when you are at least level 17 and get a quest when checking the Owl Post in the menu for a letter from Sebastian, the quest title is “In The Shadows Of Time”. When you trying to finish the quest you will travel to Sebastian’s childhood house and then entering the cave to uncover the ancient relic. After completing the mission Sebastian will teach you the Unforgivable Curse Imperio.

How To Learn Avada Kedavra Unforgivable Curse Spell

In order to learn the Avada Kedavra Unforgivable Curse you must be at least at level 28 and having a quest from Sebastian with the title “In The Shadow Of The Relic”. To finish the quest you will need to chase down Sebastian into the Feldcroft region and interact with him. When interacting with Sebastian choose the answer “Everyone should know the curse” and “Yes, please”. After the dialogue is finish you will learn the Unforgivable Curse Avada Kedavra.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy

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