How To Find Dunsparce Scales Pokemon Scarlet Violet

By | December 9, 2022

Hello everyone, Are you trying to find how to farm Dunsparce Scales Pokemon Scarlet Violet? Well, you have arrived at the right stop! As you continue your way through Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, you might want to know more about where to get Dunsparce Scales Pokemon Scarlet Violet. We supply you with Pokemon Violet and Scarlet guide on this place.

How To Find Dunsparce Scales Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet – How To Get Dunsparce Scales

You can get Dunsparce Scales by defeating dunsparce.

Here is Dunsparce spawn Location:

  • South Province area four
  • The Great Crater of Paldea

Dunsparce Scales is one of the ingredients to craft all TM Lists:

  • TM059 Zen Headbutt: 3 Dunsparce Scales, 3 Girafarig Fur, 3 Veluza Fillet
  • TM106 Drill Run: 3 Dunsparce Scales, 3 Arrokuda Scales, 5 Pineco Husk

Dunsparce evolves into Dudunsparce by knowing Hyper Drill.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Info

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet
Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are open world role-playing video games released on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on 18 November 2022. The games introduce features like: 103 new Pokemons, three different stories, the Terastal phenomenon and also 4 new regional forms. Start your new adventure in Paldea region – battling, meeting, training, and trading Pokémon!

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