94% Game Answers

By | March 4, 2015

Stuck on 94% game? Get all the 94% answers and cheats on this page. 94% is a game app developed by SCIMOB, the developer of other 94 games (94 seconds, etc). 94% is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

94 Percent By Scimob

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94% Game Answers

Equipment used by Indiana Jones

It brings bad luck

A good place to party


Adjectives to describe height

Things you see in the sky

It’s yellow

Words used by the weatherman

Types of music

Things used by a police officer

It’s useful for the elderly

Noise heard in a city

Green vegetables

It’s forbidden on a plane

It grows quickly

Exotic fruit

 A dangerous job

It makes you happy

 It’s sweet

Things associated with Brazil



People collect them

Pregnant Woman

It’s red

It makes you laugh

Animals hatched from eggs

James Bond

Things you can dilute

Las Vegas

You eat it with bread

Something you do while on the phone

You can’t buy it

Species of fish

Something you use every day

Wind instruments


It makes you feel better when you are sick


It’s good for you, but you don’t like it

Something used for cooking


Something found in the living room

Payment methods

It smells good


Parts of an airplane

Something you do before you go to bed

Things that go around

String instruments



Children love it

Countries involved in WWII

Sounds animals make

It’s good cooked but not raw

Objects that have a screen

Tools used for gardening

It gets dirty quickly

It’s soft

It weighs over a ton

Make up

It produces heat

Something you can no longer live without

Countries in South America

It’s slow

Job you wanted to do when you were a kid

It’s round

I wish my boyfriend/girlfriend was more …

Herbivorous animals

Percussion instruments


It’s itchy

DIY tools

Something everyone has played

Parts of a car

Thing you wear around your neck



A Change Of…

It’s difficult to say


Girls names ending in A

San Francisco


Something you never have enough time to do

A Pair Of …


Harry Potter

Pizza Toppings



Something Found In A Castle

Star Wars

Things Associated With Egypt

Marine Animals




Types Of Dogs


Word That End With Z

Something You Often Lose

Objects That Have Buttons


Types Of Rodents

English Words Starting With Y

Cooking Terms Used In Recipes

Slang For “Money”

It’s Blue

A Pot Of …

Something You Celebrate

Things Found In A Tube

A … Table

Imaginary Creatures

Jobs That Involve Travelling

Sports Played Without A Ball

Something You Can Open

Something That Foams

The Circus

Shades Of Blue

Means Of Communication

Animals Without Claws

A Bag Of …

There Are A lot In France

Children Still Believe In It

It Rolls

Parts Of A Horse

Fattening Food


Things At The Fair

Excuses For Being Late

A Box Of

Fruit That Doesn’t Grow On Trees

A Ball Of

A Personality Flaw

Something That Melts

First Thing You Do When You Get Home From Work

Something Crunchy

Types Of Fabric

Very Slow Animals

Something You Need On A Desert Island

Shades Of Yellow

Means Of Transportation

You Eat It Raw

It Stings

School Supplies

Things That Light Up

Something You Smash

It’s Bitter

Something Found In The Bathroom

Boys Names Ending In L

Something You Miss When On Vacation

Three-Letter Animals

Something You Eat In One Bite

Something You Never Run Out Of At Home

Something You Raise

Types Of Boats

Things In A Handbag


Things You Catch



A Good Quality In A Person

Types Of Shoes

It’s Green