What lives in the Forbidden Forest? Answers – Wizard Trivia Harry Potter

By | November 29, 2022

Hi everybody, If you’re currently stuck and looking for the question clue answer to Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Wizard Trivia, Well, you have arrived at the ideal stop!

On this site, we have the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Wizard Trivia answers.

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Check out the clue answer for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Wizard Trivia

What lives in the Forbidden Forest? Answer

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The answer for the question is:

Intelligent wolves

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Wizard Trivia Festival Event

Here are some info about Hogwarts Mystery Wizard Trivia:

  • It’s a part of Festival Event.
  • The event is available starting at Year 1 Chapter 8.
  • The Festival Grounds are accessible in Hogsmeade between Zonko’s and the Hog’s Head Inn. For those players that do not have Hogsmeade unlocked yet, the question can still be reached by clicking the ‘Go’ link in the event tab.
  • Activities at the Carnival can be completed if a class or task is in progress. Tasks do not have a ‘Go’ link in the event tab and will require you to go in via Hogsmeade.

About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game

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