Pokemon Sword & Shield – TM Locations Guide

By | November 20, 2019

In this post, we will give you information about All the TM (Techincal Machines) locations in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


TM is a Technical Machine that can help your Pokemon learn useful moves. TMs are scattered in many places in the Galar Region, and here’s the list of the TMs with their location:

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No. TM Name Location
TM00 Mega Punch Hammerlocke
TM01 Mega Kick Hammerlocke
TM02 Pay Day Motostoke
TM03 Fire Punch Wyndon
TM04 Ice Punch Wyndon
TM05 Thunder Punch Wyndon
TM06 Fly Stow-on-Side
TM07 Pin Missile Route 4
TM08 Hyper Beam Wyndon
TM09 Giga Impact Wyndon
TM10 Magical Leaf Turffield
TM11 Solar Beam Turffield
TM12 Solar Blade Wyndon
TM13 Fire Spin Hammerlocke
TM14 Thunder Wave Wild Area
TM15 Dig Route 6
TM16 Screech Circhester
TM17 Light Screen Motostoke
TM18 Reflect Motostoke
TM19 Safeguard Motostoke
TM20 Self-Destruct Battle Tower
TM21 Rest Ballonlea
TM22 Rock Slide Route 9
TM23 Thief Hammerlocke
TM24 Snore Glimwood Tangle
TM25 Protect Motostoke
TM26 Scary Face Galar Mine
TM27 Icy Wind Circhester
TM28 Giga Drain Battle Tower
TM29 Charm Hammerlocke
TM30 Steel Wing Route 6
TM31 Attract Route 5
TM32 Sandstorm Hammerlocke
TM33 Rain Dance Hammerlocke
TM34 Sunny Day Hammerlocke
TM35 Hail Hammerlocke
TM36 Whirlpool Hulbury
TM37 Beat Up Route 3
TM38 Will-O-Wisp Motostoke
TM39 Facade Motostoke Riverbank
TM40 Swift Wedgehurst
TM41 Helping Hand Motostoke
TM42 Revenge Stow-on-Side
TM43 Brick Break Route 8
TM44 Imprison Battle Tower
TM45 Dive Route 9
TM46 Weather Ball Hammerlocke
TM47 Fake Tears Circhester
TM48 Rock Tomb Circhester
TM49 Sand Tomb Galar Mine No. 2
TM50 Bullet Seed Hammerlocke
TM51 Icicle Spear Circhester
TM52 Bounce Battle Tower
TM53 Mud Shot Galar Mine No. 2
TM54 Rock Blast Route 3
TM55 Brine Hammerlocke
TM56 U-turn Glimwood Tangle
TM57 Payback Route 2
TM58 Assurance Route 7
TM59 Fling Battle Tower
TM60 Power Swap Wyndon
TM61 Guard Swap Wyndon
TM62 Speed Swap Wyndon
TM63 Drain Punch Wyndon
TM64 Avalanche Route 9
TM65 Shadow Claw Lake of Outrage
TM66 Thunder Fang Hammerlocke
TM67 Ice Fang Hammerlocke
TM68 Fire Fang Hammerlocke
TM69 Psycho Cut Route 2
TM70 Trick Room Battle Tower
TM71 Wonder Room Battle Tower
TM72 Magic Room Battle Tower
TM73 Cross Poison Dusty Bowl
TM74 Venoshock Stow-on-Side
TM75 Low Sweep Axew’s Eye
TM76 Round Motostoke
TM77 Hex Ballonlea
TM78 Acrobatics Ballonlea
TM79 Retaliate Hulbury
TM80 Volt Switch Wild Area
TM81 Bulldoze Giant’s Seat
TM82 Electroweb Hulbury
TM83 Razor Shell Battle Tower
TM84 Tail Slap Rolling Fields
TM85 Snarl Spikemuth
TM86 Phantom Force Slumbering Weald
TM87 Draining Kiss Ballonlea
TM88 Grassy Terrain Hammerlocke
TM89 Misty Terrain Hammerlocke
TM90 Electric Terrain Hammerlocke
TM91 Psychic Terrain Hammerlocke
TM92 Mystical Fire Battle Tower
TM93 Eerie Impulse Wyndon
TM94 False Swipe Motostoke
TM95 Air Slash Axew’s Eye
TM96 Smart Strike Route 8
TM97 Brutal Swing Turffield
TM98 Stomping Tantrum Route 10
TM99 Breaking Swipe Hammerlocke

All the best! We hope the table can help you in finding TMs. Have fun playing the game!

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