Genshin Impact 3.1 King Deshret and The Three Magi

By | September 22, 2022

Details about the upcoming September 28 update to HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact v3.1, “King Deshret and the Three Magi,” were announced today. The vast desert region of the land of knowledge will be introduced, bringing with it the promise of further stories and adventures in Sumeru. You’ll get to take control of Nilou, Cyno, and Candace, three locals. Meanwhile, as Mondstadt’s fall winds down, Weinlesefest prepares to reward players with even more tales, activities, and miniature games.

Genshin Impact 3.1 King Deshret and the Three Magi

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An Overview of The Newly Acquired Sumerian Lands

The desert of Sumeru has a bizarre and deadly beauty due to its arid geography, which stands in stark contrast to the lushness of tropical rainforests. The vast Mausoleum of King Deshret, filled with dungeons including puzzles, mechanics, and guardian robots powered by the old technology of the lost god and his ancient civilization, stands in the middle of the desert. Aaru Village, the largest colony of desert dwellers, serves as a safe haven for exiled students and a repository for a wide range of information. Archon Sumeru’s journey develops more as players delve deeper into the desert and meet new characters, such as Il Dottore and Scaramouche, Fatui Harbingers.

Two new mechanical monster Bosses will show up, powered by some mysterious technology. The Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of the Overseer Network is the primary engine protecting King Deshret’s Mausoleum, and it may hide in plain sight when things go rough. The Aeonblight Drake is another brand-new boss that will present a special challenge to gamers in the jungle. The Next 3 Characters Are Almost Complete

At the same moment, the player can add three trustworthy Sumeru Characters to their group. Nilou will first be seen as a dancer, but he will soon join forces as the playable Hydro 5 Character, combining his graceful dancing with his swordsmanship. Cyno, a reliable supreme general, is likewise prepared for fight, this time as the Polearm-wielding Character Electro 5. A supporter of the upcoming v3.3 TCG card game, Genius Invokation, is he. In her new role as guardian of the desert and Aaru Village, Candace, a mixed-race descendant of King Deshret, will make her debut. Candance relies on her Vision Hydro and Polearm Weapon. Along with the previously seen Cyno and Venti in the introductory segment of Request Event v3.1, he will make an appearance as Character 4. Albedo and Nilou will be available again in the sequel.

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Numerous Activities Awaits

The once-a-year Weinlesefest will be a venue to make and enjoy wine with Archon Anemo in Mondstadt, far from the desert. As they explore Mondstadt, players will have the chance to meet up with old pals and aid Razor in uncovering her mysterious history. There are also four other minigames and limited seasonal activities to enjoy during Weinlesefest. Players that play the game and gain Festive Fever can trade it in for a variety of gifts, including the new 4★Weapon “Missive Windspear” and its distinctive refining ingredients. With version 3.1, you’ll have access to even greater challenges and benefits. The “Wind Chaser” competition tasks competitors with controlling the strength of the wind within a unique environment. In “Star Quest,” participants will be asked to aid a little girl who hopes to meet a Future Star.

If you can make it to Room 3 on the fourth floor of Spiral Abyss, you’ll unlock the opportunity to recruit Collei for free. The daily login event is also available again, and this time it’s bringing prizes of up to 10 IntertwinedFate as well as additional rewards. Players will receive in-game messages with a total of 1,600 Primogem, 4 Fragile Resin, and 2 Unique Items (Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper and Cloud Retainer’s Dammasked Device). Dynamic topographic deformation is one of the new features coming in version 3.1 that will enhance the gameplay experience by more accurately simulating a player’s footprint in the sand. When a character uses an Elemental Burst, vibration feedback for DualSense Controllers will be improved.